Professional Development

Mock Interview Workshop

This event allows our supporters to have dedicated one-on-one time with students who are interested in seeking internships or full-time positions. Interviewers are responsible for giving valuable feedback about the interview, the candidate’s resume, and general advice about the interview process. The workshop will occur before EXPO and grants company representatives the perfect opportunity to interact with members while visiting UT Austin.

Professional Workshops

As the first event of the Manitos & Manitas program, the Kick-Off prepares mentors and mentees for their roles. For the first part of the event, students are informed about the structure of the program and how it will develop both the mentors and the mentees. Their roles and responsibilities are explained, as well as the benefits of being part of the program. Corporate supporters can offer their wisdom on mentorship. At the end of the event, the students are told who their “Big” or their “Little” is and are able to get to know them one-on-one.

Corporate Tours

UT-SHPE Corporate Tours are informal guided tours of local engineering firms in the Austin area. By taking a look at what engineers do in the workplace, members can gain valuable insight into the industry and learn about possible career pathways they can take upon graduating. Corporate supporters additionally receive the opportunity to network with students in a smaller environment. This is an awesome opportunity for companies to show UT-SHPE members what their company’s culture is like and what they do on a daily basis.

SHPE National Conference

The SHPE National Conference is the largest Hispanic technical conference in the nation. The conference provides educational, technical, developmental, and networking opportunities for students. The SHPE Conference attracts thousands of students, corporate representatives, and community leaders. The agenda includes technical and career workshops, a career fair, a graduate institute, corporate tours, the National Academic Olympiad, technical paper competitions, and the Extreme Engineering challenge. The SHPE Conference also offers a Pre-College Symposia which encourages middle school and high school students to explore career opportunities in the STEM fields. UT Austin has a track record of being well represented at the SHPE National Conference. This year, the conference will take place in Denver, Colorado.

Señoritas Professional Dinner

As part of our SHPE Señoritas Program, our chapter invites the SHPE Austin Professional chapter as well as UT-SHPE alumni to this annual professional dinner. Female students network with professionals in order to learn more about being a woman in the industry and gain engineering positive role models and mentors. This provides a comfortable environment where both students and professionals can discuss common obstacles and how they overcame them,as well as how to lead confidently. This event is ultimately a great opportunity for corporate supporters to share their experiences and network with talented women in engineering and STEM fields.

Etiquette Dinner

The SHPE Etiquette Dinner is an annual event co-hosted with the UT Hispanic Business Student Association student chapter. This event instructs students on how to interact with people during formal or semi-formal lunches or dinners. Corporate supporters sit with small clusters of students during the dinner and speak to the students about employments opportunities, current projects in industry, or the roles and responsibilities of engineers.

Lunch & Learn

The SHPE Lunch & Learn is an event that provides exclusive access to casual networking and recruitment throughout the school year. This event gives students the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance on professional development and recruitment. Corporate supporters host a presentation before or throughout the lunch to speak about career opportunities, industry insights, or technical talks about emerging technologies.