MentorSHPE Program

This Manitos/Manitas, or M&M, program provides underclassmen with a “Big Brother/Sister” to mentor and assist them during their transition to UT. Upperclassmen will inform underclassmen of all events and meetings held by SHPE to keep them involved in the organization. They will also help underclassmen members succeed throughout their first or second year at UT by providing both academic and career advice. In addition, this program allows upperclassmen to build their leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. The Manitos/Manitas support network connects students with resources and creates lasting friendships within the organization. This year we aim to have at least 50 pairs, 5 events focused on the 5 pillars, and improve the structure of the program by adding more monthly goals for pairs. Corporate representatives are encouraged to participate in the program by hosting professional development events.