SHPE Alumni


Alumni are now able to make a huge impact on a fellow UT-SHPE member’s life. Every year, SHPE National provides several unique experiences that provide our members with the opportunity to connect and engage with professionals. Such events have impacted many of our members in more ways than you can imagine. Unfortunately, not all members are able to engage in such experiences due to the financial factors associated with them. In order to increase the amount of students that are able to participate in such experiences, we need YOUR help. 



Each of SHPE’s seven regional conferences provide opportunities for SHPE members to enhance their leadership skills and technical knowledge. Sponsorship of these events allows our organization to gain valuable, local exposure to STEM professionals.

National Convention

The SHPE National Convention serves as the country’s largest gathering of Hispanic STEM students and professionals, with more than 7,500 attendees each year. Your partnership helps educate our members, influences their career paths, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas among rising STEM leaders.

Meet Some of our Members..

Yecenia Huerta


My freshman year, I went to RLDC because I received a stipend from UT SHPE and my experience there inspired me and motivated me to become a leader at our chapter, and within society. This conference along with SHPE’s National Convention let me see how big SHPE is on a regional and national level, and I felt connected with this big community of Hispanics/Latinos in STEM who were going through similar experiences as I was. They both helped me grow as an engineer and leader and helped me gain the confidence to help others out at UT! 

Roger Terrazas


As a former officer at UT-SHPE, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the National Institute of Leadership Advancement in the Summer of 2019. Attending NILA gave me the opportunity to network with many student leaders and professionals, which helped me secure an internship at USAA when I attended the SHPE National Convention the following semester.

Manolo Alvarez


I attended National Convention my sophomore and junior year. Both times, I was able to secure a summer internship. The trip has been worth every single penny.

Rebekah Russek


I’ll never forget the impact RLDC had on me earlier this year. Through RLDC, I was able to expand my leadership skills, connect with national/regional representatives, learn more about SHPE National, and bond with my UT-SHPE Familia. It was a great experience that I wouldn’t give up for anything. 

Dafhne Salvador


Attending RLDC was the best decision I made my freshman year because it exposed me to professional and leadership growth. I came out of the conference with newfound confidence and cherished friends. The level of motivation every member radiates and the amount of inspiration every professional evokes is unforgettable.