Community Service Committee

The purpose of the community service committee is to promote volunteering and implement the Green Initiative within our chapter. UT-SHPE expands its impact in the Austin community to reach out to more than just STEM-related events. Volunteering events with Austin Park Foundation, Austin Animal Center and Habitat for Humanity show our members how we can make a large impact on our community. Our committee members work hard behind the scenes so that our chapter members can enjoy the events. This committee also helps promote the Green Initiative during our general meetings so that our members remember to “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.”

Events Committee

The purpose of the events committee is to plan and execute all social events in order to further develop our chapter. All committee members have designated responsibilities and tasks to complete by every meeting. Each member additionally leads at least one event during their time in the committee. Our goal is to give our members the best events possible in order to foster a close-knit community. Our events committee thus works diligently to ensure we meet this goal.

Fundraising Committee

The purpose of the fundraising committee is to fundraise money for our chapter through different initiatives. Each committee member pitches in their own ideas and we vote on the best idea to move forward with. This committee thus helps committee members to be quick thinkers and also gain insight into their own financial literacy. What motivates us to work hard is that we can provide additional funding for UT-SHPE events.

Media Committee

The purpose of the media committee is to keep members connected and up to date with upcoming events. Members of this committee are in charge of the weekly newsletter, social media accounts, event flyers, general meeting presentations, and the UT-SHPE website. Through teamwork these hardworking individuals ensure that the logistical aspect of the chapter is running smoothly so members can have the best possible experience.

Professional Development Committee

The purpose of the professional development committee is to foster professionalism within our membership. Whether it’d be through UT-SHPE hosted events or external opportunities from our partners, our mission is to prepare our members to develop successfully in college and transition effectively into their new roles after graduation.

Senoritas Committee

The senoritas committee is in charge of planning, publicizing, and putting together different events and programs for the senoritas within UT-SHPE. In addition to planning and collecting stories for the Senoritas newsletter, members take responsibility over various Latina-led events where members are able to gain valuable skills such as event planning, project management, and budget keeping.