Academic Development

FE/GRE Exam Funding

UT-SHPE provides funding for members to take the Fundamentals Exam (FE) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) throughout the year. Many students wish to pursue a professional engineering license, but in order to do so, one must pass the Fundamentals (FE/FLS) Exam. To be eligible for this funding, the student must actively participate in UT-SHPE events year-round. This is a great opportunity for corporate recognition.

Track to Graduate School Program

This program is geared to encourage our members to pursue graduate education. Each semester the graduate representatives from each organization plan graduate laboratory tours in collaboration with many UT professors throughout the Cockrell School of Engineering. This program also pairs undergraduate students interested in graduate school with current graduate students. Events include numerous graduate school workshops, networking events, and professional workshops. This is an incredible opportunity for companies to network with SHPE graduate students and undergraduate students planning on attending graduate school.

SNaP Study Nights

Every Monday night SHPE partners with the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) and Pi Sigma Pi (PSP) to promote a studious environment where members can eat snacks, collaborate with peers, and study for classes. Study nights provide two separate rooms for members, a quiet room and a collaborative room, as well as tutors for popular courses, including chemistry, calculus, and physics. Corporate sponsors are able to come and give a quick 15 minute talk if available .

SHPE Scholarship Sunday

UT SHPE will be holding a Scholarship Night with prize incentives to encourage members to apply for SHPE Foundation scholarships as well as other scholarships. Members will be given a gift card for every scholarship they complete at this workshop. They will be given a list of scholarships including the SHPE Foundation scholarships which can support them through their college career and improve their brand. SHPE officers will be available to help members through the application process. This will be a great way to motivate members to apply for scholarships by rewarding them on the spot, but it will require heavy funding from corporate supporters.

Manitos & Manitas Makeathon Contest

The annual Makeathon is a team competition designed to test the technical knowledge and problem-solving skills of SHPE’s Hispanic Technical Talent. The Makeathon, consisting of an actual design competition, is held at the SHPE National Conference. In order to prepare for this competition, we host a fun mock Makeathon contest where Manitos & Mainatas pairs can compete against each other to be the champion pair at the Maker Space. This is a great way to practice skills, encourage bonding between mentors and mentees and improve our chances of success at the national level.

Pillar of Excellence Scholarships

The Pillar of Excellence Scholarships helps promote academic excellence within the chapter. These three scholarships are given to the member with the highest annual GPA, the highest increase in GPA determined by percentage, and the member who manages to maintain an already high cumulative GPA. The scholarships do not overlap, so three individuals will not receive one scholarship. The recipients will be active participants in UT-SHPE activities. These scholarships will be presented at the SHPE’s and Salsa Formal at the end of the year. This is a special opportunity for corporate representatives to be recognized during SHPE’s and Salsa’s academic highlights.